This article is about the African forest in the beginning of Lost World, for the African forest seen later in the episode, see Carcharodontosaurus territory.

African forest

Location information
Continent : Africa
Creatures : Ouranosaurus
In the series
Appearances : Lost World

This African forest was a forest in North Africa.

In Planet DinosaurEdit

Lost WorldEdit

A herd of Ouranosaurus was seen feeding in the forest. One was spooked by a Spinosaurus travelling to a river. After the Spinosaurus left the forest, the Ouranosaurus continued feeding.

At the end of the episode, a Carcharodontosaurus was seen feeding on an Ouranosaurus corpse in the forest until the Spinosaurus showed up. The two belligerents fought over the carcass and in the end, the Spinosaurus won.