Home time period Cretaceous
Creature type Theropod dinosaur
Range Europe
Appearances The Great Survivors

Bradycneme was an alvarezsaurid theropod dinosaur from Late Cretaceous [70-65]Romania. 

In Planet DinosaurEdit

Episode 6:  The Great SurvivorsEdit

It was first seen stalking something.  It looked like it was about to attack a herd of Magyarosaurus but actually was going to attack a lizard.  The Bradycneme killed the lizard but ran away with the carcass in its mouth when a flock of Hatzegopteryx flew towards it.  It is only known from a partial right lower leg so far.

It was then later seen, after the famous asteroid hit the Earth, scavenging for food.  A Hatzegopteryx discouraged it and it wandered off.  It found a dead baby Magyarosaurus but another pterosaur scared it away.  The Bradycneme then found a Xianglong on a rib cage and ate it. It then wandered off again.

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