Carcharodontosaurus, a land-based killer, a meat eater, a carnosaur. A cousin of Allosaurus but four times bigger. With serrated teeth, 16 cm long, Carcharodontosaurus was a giant killer. Up to 13 m long and weighing around 7 tonnes. Like Spinosaurus, it too was bigger than T. rex

– Description from Lost World

Carcharodontosaurus (name meaning "shark toothed lizard") was a carcharodontosaurid theropod dinosaur from Middle Cretaceous Africa.  


1x1 CarcharodontosaurusDuel

Two Carcharodontosaurus duelling over territory. (Lost World)

Carcharodontosaurus was a large bipedal carnivore. This reptile was one of the largest theropod dinosaurs ever to live. It was one of the largest theropods ever to live. It measured about 13 metres in length and weighed around 7 tonnes (7.7 tons). This dinosaur lived in the same environment as the giant spinosaurid Spinosaurus, the sauropod Paralititan, the theropod Bahariasaurus, and the massive crocodilian Sarcosuchus. Carcharodontosaurus mainly hunted ornithopods like Ouranosaurus and smaller carnivorous dinosaurs. It would have gone after Paralititan when it had the opportunity, even though bringing down the giant sauropod would have been risky and taken hours or even days.

Carcharodontosaurus belonged to a group of theropod dinosaurs called Carnosauridae. This group contained some of the largest dinosaurs yet to be discovered like Mapusaurus, Acrocanthosaurus and Giganotosaurus. Recent in-depth scientific research suggests that allosauroids like Carcharodontosaurus had a complex system of air sacs similar to birds. This system probably gave Carcharodontosaurus an edge when it came to hunting.

In Planet dinosaurEdit

1x1 OuranosaurusDying

A Carcharodontosaurus preparing to finish off a mortally wounded Ouranosaurus. (Lost World)

Lost WorldEdit

A young male Carcharodontosaurus was seen defending his territory from an invading rival male. The two dinosaurs confronted and circled each other before they began the fight. They headbutted each other and wrestled before letting go. Then, the two belligerents started biting and scratching each other with their sharp teeth and claws. Shortly afterwards, the challenger backed down and left the victor's territory.

Later, the victorious Carcharodontosaurus was seen stalking a herd of feeding Ouranosaurus, unaware of the danger. As the Carcharodontosaurus locked onto its target, the target Ouranosaurus spotted the carnivore and darted. The Carcharodontosaurus pursued its prey out of the forest and into a barren patch of land, where the Carcharodontosaurus caught its victim and mortally wounded it. Rather than risking injury, the Carcharodontosaurus left the Ouranosaurus to die. When it collapsed and succumbed to its injuries, the Carcharodontosaurus feasted on its prize.

1x5 SarcosuchusVSCarcharodontosaurus

A Sarcosuchus and a Carcharodontosaurus fights over a Paralititan mired in mud. (New Giants)

In the middle of a drought, a Carcharodontosaurus was seen feeding on an Ouranosaurus corpse. However, a Spinosaurus confronted it and challenged it for the carcass. The Carcharodontosaurus stood its ground but the Spinosaurus went on the offensive and slashed the Carcharodontosaurus with its sharp claws. The Carcharodontosaurus retaliated by viciously biting the Spinosaurus' sail but the Spinosaurus kept on fighting. Finally, the Carcharodontosaurus backed down and the Spinosaurus fed on the corpse.

New GiantsEdit

An adult Carcharodontosaurus disturbed a large herd of Paralititan and confronted a Sarcosuchus attempting to kill a young Paralititan stuck in a pit of mud. The Carcharodontosaurus clamped its jaws onto the young dinosaur's neck and played a primal game of tug-of-war with the crocodile. The Carcharodontosaurus managed to win the youngster but, however, his victory was short-lived as the rest of the Paralititan herd intervened and defended their child. Knowing that attempting to ward off a herd of adult Paralititan would be suicide, the Carcharodontosaurus backed down and left.

Other referencesEdit

Last KillersEdit

A Carcharodontosaurus (identified as Carnosaur) skull was compared to a Majungasaurus skull in a database scene. in the great survivors carcharodontosaurus was seen in a database scene in the section african dinosaurs

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