Carcharodontosaurus territory



Location information
Continent : Africa
Creatures : Carcharodontosaurus
In the series
Appearances : Lost World

The Carcharodontosaurus territory was a large patch of land in North Africa claimed by a young adult Carcharodontosaurus.

In Planet DinosaurEdit

Lost WorldEdit

Two young adult Carcharodontosaurus fought over the territory. The original owner won the battle. Later, the same Carcharodontosaurus later stalked a herd of Ouranosaurus in the forest part of its territory. It separated an Ouranosaurus from the rest of its herd and killed it.

Later in the episode, a Spinosaurus invades the territory. The Spinosaurus and the Carcharodontosaurus fought over an Ouranosaurus carcass. The Spinosaurus won and the Carcharodontosaurus was forced to retreat.

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