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Crocodiles are amphibious reptiles that have existed since the Cretaceous period and still exist today. The crocodiles in Planet Dinosaur may be the genus Goniopholis.

In Planet DinosaurEdit

Lost WorldEdit

A crocodile was seen resting on a river bank until being scared off by a Spinosaurus into the river.   Another was later seen resting on the bank of a lake during a drought where it encountered a Spinosaurus.  Both of them were repelled by a Sarcosuchus which was disturbed during its hibernation.

New GiantsEdit

After a juvenile Paralititan got stuck in a pit of mud, a bask of crocodiles emerged from a nearby river to bring down the struggling individual.  However, as a Sarcosuchus also came for the Paralititan, the crocodiles retreated to the river.

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