This creature's name is not specified but is a rough guess, based upon conjecture or similar. The correct name is unknown.

Deinosuchus was an enormous eusuchian crocodile from late Cretaceous North America. At 12.2 meters long and weighing up to 10 tonnes .

In Planet DinosaurEdit

Episode 3:  Last KillersEdit

Deinosuchus is assumed to have made a brief appearance attack a herd of Centrosaurus who were crossing a river, however it is not revealed if these are definitely Deinosuchus.  If this was them, then the crocodiles were one of the ones responsible for a massacre at Dinosaur Provincial Park.

  • Deinosuchus has appeared in Prehistoric park where it's size and mass was inaccurate.
  • It was possible Deinosuchus would have clashed in battles with tyrannosaurs, though despite it's size perhaps the pack of tyrannosaurs could have made this monster back down

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