Walking With Dinosaurs Dino Files Speedy Gorgosaurus 20th Century FOX00:28

Walking With Dinosaurs Dino Files Speedy Gorgosaurus 20th Century FOX


Gorgosaurus was a bipedal predator which roamed the grasslands of North America, 75 million years ago.


Gorgosaurus was a tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur. Along with Albertosaurus and Yutyrannus, they are the contenders for the largest feathered animals ever discovered at 8-9 m. Gorgosaurus had short arms with two fingered hands, long legs, a short s shaped neck with a large skull

Gorgosaurus at one time was thought to be a species of albertosaurus but gorgosaurus was bit smaller than ablertosaurus. it had a wider slenderer skull. it was a bit heavier than albertosaurus

Last Killers:Edit

In Last Killers, Gorgosaurus is briefly seen in a database scene, with the narrator(John Hurt) explaining how the tyrannosaurs evolved over the last ten million years of the dinosaurs' reign.

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