Below is a list of all the removed animals in the series:

Plateosaurus was going to be in the first episode but the Triassic was scrapped

and became the Cretacieous.

Sellosaurus was also going to be in episode 1. It was replaced by Onchopristis.

Asiamericana was a fish that was going to be in a now scrapped episode, Dinos and Fish

Velociraptor was origially going to be in Planet Dinosaur (excluding the database). it was replaced by Saurornithoides. Sinosauropteryx originally had a role as a creature. It was then scrapped and put in a database. Aetosaurus was planned but its role was taken by Sarcosuchus.

Series 2 Edit

A series 2 was planned to air on April 2016 starting off with the episode Dinos and Fish. The idea was soon scrapped and replaced with Planet Cenozoic and also Planet Paleozoic.

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