The Majungasaurus Family is a group consisting of a mother Majungasaurus and her hatchlings.

Last Killers:

The Majungasaurus Family are first seen walking towards a carcass. They feast on the carcass, but when a male Majungasaurus arrives, they are forced to give up the carcass. The male banquets on the carcass, but when he roars at a Majungasaurus hatchling the female goes crazy. She bites the male's neck and only lets go when he has suffered severe injuries. The male backs down and eats the carcass from the other side. However, the female is not finished. She strikes again and kills the male. The Majungasaurus Family then cannibalise the dead male.


1. There are three members in the Majungasaurus family: two Majungasaurus hatchlings and one female parent.