Microraptor 1
Home time period Cretaceous
Creature type Theropod dinosaur
Range China
Appearances Feathered Dragons

Microraptor appears on the second episode of Planet Dinosaur.[127-111]



Microraptor was small, with a big claw on it's third toe, like it's cousin Velociraptor. But this wasn't used for killing. It was more adapted to climbing. But the claw could hold down small prey and attack predators. It had long feathers on it's back legs and front, good fro gliding from tree-to-tree. They could have glided 50 metres at a time using this tactic. It had a long tail.


Microraptor would hunt small reptiles, insects (such as grubs and beetles) and small animals.

Appearances on Planet DinosaurEdit

Feathered DragonsEdit

Microraptor is first seen hunting a Xianglong, which is a lizard. It almost catches the prey, but it falls off the tree - fanning out a set of skin from it's ribs, forming wings to glide. The Microraptor jumps too, and fans out it's arms and legs, gliding after it. The chase continues as Xianglong and Microraptor land. It finally manages to catch Xianglong, but then a Sinornithosaurus attacks. Microraptor and Sinornithosaurus chase each other, and Microraptor struggles to run on the ground. It manages to get up a tree, with the Sinornithosaurus on it's tail. The Microraptor has a lucky escape. It is last seems when John Hurt says, "Not only has Microraptor given us a glimpse of how flight developed, but also that dinosaurs still live around us today - as birds."


  • It has been proven that Microraptor was completely black in color, unlike how Microraptors were portrayed in this program.


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