This is Onchopristis. An 8 metre long giant sawfish similar to those alive today. The saw-like rostrum is lined with lethal barbs and is in itself up to two and a half metres in length.

– Description from Lost World

Onchopristis is a genus of giant sawfish that lived during the late Cretaceous period in what is now Africa.


Onchopristis was a massive sawfish. This giant measured 8 metres in length, 2.5 metres of that being the rostrum. Its rostrum possessed several barbed teeth. Onchopristis may have been anadromous, meaning that they lived in the sea and traveled up rivers to breed like salmon.

In Planet DinosaurEdit

Episode 1: Lost WorldEdit

A shoal of Onchopristis was seen swimming down a river where a Spinosaurus was preparing to hunt. As the Spinosaurus' snout hovered over the water's surface, the Onchopristis continued to pass him but, then, suddenly, the Spinosaurus grabbed one of the giant sawfish and shook it half to death with its jaws before dropping it and disemboweling it. As the mighty predator fed on the corpse, the ever attendant Rugops stood a distance away before feeding on the scraps. Several other Onchopristis fell victim to the Spinosaurus.


  • Onchopristis is the largest fish in the series.

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