The river is a key location in Lost World.

Lost World:

In Lost World, the Spinosaurus is seen hunting some Onchopristis at the river. First it catches one, and then it disembowels it. After feasting for one minute, the specialized predator tosses the scraps to the scavenger Rugops. Then it returns to the river, where it catches another Onchopristis. It vivisects it, and then it eats it. The scraps are again left for Rugops, but the scary scavenger retreats when the Spinosaurus starts swimming down the river. Later, the river is seen in a state of drought. Only the crocodiles and Sarcosuchus could scrape a living out of it, so the Spinosaurus left. The river is never seen again.


1. The river could be part of the Kem Kem River Delta.

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