Saurornithoides is a genus of theropod dinosaur which lived during the late Cretaceous period[75-65]in what is now Mongolia.


Saurornithoides was a troodontid. Related to the North American Troodon, it is safe to assume that Saurornithoides possessed similar traits and physical features. Like other troodontids and dromaeosaurids, Saurornithoides possessed a large, curved claw on its second, retractable toe. However, it was considerably smaller and less recurved than that of the dromaeosaurids.

Saurornithoides, like other troodontids, had very large brains in relation to its body size. It also had very large eyes, providing evidence that it may have had very strong, binocular vision.

In Planet DinosaurEdit

Feathered DragonsEdit

A female Saurornithoides was seen incubating a clutch of eggs. She then got up to gather vegetation to provide warmth for her unhatched offspring. However, whilst performing the errand, an Oviraptor stealthily walked up to the nest and began eating the Saurornithoides eggs. The mother noticed the egg thief and repelled it. Moments later, the Saurornithoides mother was mercilessly slaughtered by a male Gigantoraptor.


  • Saurornithoides was the first troodontid to appear in the series.

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