Spinosaurus aegyptiacus is a genus of large theropod dinosaur which lived during the middle Cretaceous period.


Spinosaurus is a genus of spinosaurid theropod dinosaur.  It is the largest theropod dinosaur ever discovered.  It is estimated to be around 17 metres long, 5 metres tall at the head (7 metres tall at the top of the sail) and 11 tonnes (12.1 tons) in weight.  It is famous for its size and for its 2 metre high sail. Since then, a number of similar animals have been identified, sometimes only from their distinctive, serrationless, conical teeth. These include the Spinosaurines (its closest relatives), Oxalaia, Sigilmassasaurus, Irritator, Angaturama, and the Baryonichines, Baryonyx, Cristatusaurus, Icthyovenator, Suchomimus, and Suchosaurus. Two basal spinosaurs, Ostafrikasaurus and Siamosaurus, are also known.

Spinosaurus was discovered and named in 1912 by Ernst Stromer in Egypt.  Its remains were put on display in a museum in Murich.  Unfortunately, when World War Two struck, the only Spinosaurus fossils were destroyed in a bombing.  However, in recent years, some more Spinosaurus fossils have been discovered, as well as (possibly) a new species, S. maroccanus.

Spinosaurus' diet has been up for scientific debate for many years.  Originally, Spinosaurus was believed to be a hypercarnivore, feeding on dinosaurs like the sauropod Paralititan and competing with other carnivores like Rugops, Bahariasaurus, and Carcharodontosaurus.  However, recent studies show that Spinosaurus was mainly a piscivore (a fish eater).  Spinosaurus would only hunt terrestrial animals if it was desperate.

1x1 Spinosaurus 65

The Spinosaurus entering the river to feed. (Lost World (Episode 1))

Spinosaurus' sail is probably one of the biggest mysteries about the animal. There have been several theories about the sail's function.  One of the possible theories is it being used as a temperature controlling device. Spinosaurus would have used its sail like a solar panel to warm up or cool down by circulating blood through it.

Another theory is that Spinosaurus' sail was used for display for territorial and/or mating purposes. This also adds another theories that Spinosaurus could've flushed blood into the sail to create colours, in a similar style to Stegosaurus plates.

In Planet DinosaurEdit

1x1 Spinosaurus 252

The Spinosaurus killing a Alanqa. (Lost World (Episode 1))

Lost WorldEdit

A Spinosaurus spooks a herd of Ouranosaurus which mistake it for a threat.  The Spinosaurus, fortunately, is not interested in the dinosaurs as they are not its usual prey.

The Spinosaurus arrived at a river and scared off some crocodiles.  The reason why the Spinosaurus came to the river was to feed on sawfish called Onchopristis.  The Spinosaurus went into the river and waited for the Onchopristis to come close. It was able to snatch one out of the water and kill it on the river bank where it fed on the fleshier parts of the carcass. This was wasteful, letting a smaller Rugops to scavenge on the remains.  It returned to river and killed another Onchopristis and ate that one too. Later, it swam down the river.

1x1 Spinosaurus 300

The Spinosaurus fighting a Carcharodontosaurus over a carcass. (Lost World (Episode 1))

During a drought, a Spinosaurus confronted a small crocodile but was then repelled by a Sarcosuchus which was disturbed during its hibernation.  It later attacked a feeding flock of the pterosaur Alanqa, killing one in the process.  It then moved on due to its hunger.

It later came across a Carcharodontosaurus feeding on a Ouranosaurus carcass. The Spinosaurus confronted it and the two predators fought over the carcass. The Carcharodontosaurus managed to bite the Spinosaurus' sail during the battle. The Spinosaurus won the fight and fed well however, its sail was broken by the bites. These injuries were fatal and the Spinosaurus died days later.

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The Great SurvivorsEdit

Spinosaurus was seen in a database scene in the section African dinosaurus


  • Spinosaurus is the largest theropod dinosaur in the show.
  • Alongside Rugops, Spinosaurus is the only African species that didn't appear in the fifth episode, New Giants, as well as Lost World.
  • Recent discoveries in 2014 by Nizar Ibrahim reveal that Spinosaurus was a quadruped.
  • The 2014 findings have also reduced Spinosaurus' total size, it measured around 15 metres in length and weighed 5 - 7.5 tonnes (5.5 - 8.2 tons). The reason for this is because of newer proportions have increased Spinosaurus' skull length to body length ratio. For the latter, the newer weight estimates now take into account Spinosaurus' shallow chest.
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