Timurlengia euotica (and its apparent North American species) is a genus of basal tyrannosauroid from the Turonian of Mongolia.

Facts Edit

Timurlengia is a genus of mid-size, basal tyrannosauroid. It displays the unique derived skull of tyannosaurs, although it is not part of the famous Tyrannosauridae that contains such dinosaurs as Gorgosaurus, Alectrosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus itself.

Planet Dinosaur Edit

Timurlengia's North American species appears in The Great Survivors, although it is identified by John Hurt as "Zunityrannus" and by the captions as Sinotyrannus. A pack of Timurlengia attack a pair of the herbivorous theropod Nothronychus after one of their number was driven away. They keep attacking, but are kept at bay by the Nothronychus' huge claws, eventually forcing them to retreat. The pack then feasts on the carcass of a dead Timurlengia that was killed by the disease botulism, which they also contract and die from.

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