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'Zunityrannus' (as named in Planet Dinosaur) is tyrannosauroid theropod dinosaur from Late Cretaceous Montana. It is now considered a species of the Mongolian tyrannosaur Timurlengia.

In Planet DinosaurEdit

Episode 6:  The Great SurvivorsEdit

A lone 'Zunityrannus' was first seen drinking from a lake.  It then came across a Nothronychus, and attempted to attack the herbivore, however the therizinosaur swiped the tyrannosaur in the face and successfully warded it off. The 'Zunityrannus' then turned its attention to carrion. The carcass contained a deadly virus , the pathogenic bacteria Chlostridium botulinum, which killed the dinosaur. The Nothronychus then returned to eating. Later, a larger pack of 'Zunityrannus' appeared and walked past its dead member. They then started attacking a pair of Nothronychus as revenge, however using their enormous claws the therizinosaurs were able to defend themselves. Despite this, one 'Zunityrannu's managed to bite one of the herbivores' necks. The pack then backed down and began to cannibalise on the dead tyrannosaur, not being aware that it also contained the deadly pathogen. The theropods then contracted the virus and died as well, as was later seen when a Nothronychus walked past and saw their rotting. bodies near the lake.


In the subtitles it is reveled that Zunityrannus is Sinotyrannus though in real life this animal was in fact a North American species of another Asian tyrannosaur, Timurlengia.


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